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Handmade brooch. Brass with aged finish.
49 US $ 7 days Designer Mumu
EU VAT Exempt Collection Branches
Handmade pendant. Solid sterling wire and sterling silver chain.
Handmade pendant. Sterling silver and blue glass. Leather cord.
Handmade ring. Sterling silver with aged finish.
Handmade earrings. Sterling silver with waves finish and solitaire zirconia.
Handmade earrings. Sterling silver. Polished finish.
Handmade ring for two fingers. Sterling silver.
Handmade pendant. Sterling silver wire and leather cord.
Handmade brooch. Brass with aged finish.
Handmade ring. Sterling silver and australian baroque style pearl.
Handmade pendant. Sterling silver. Matte finish with patina.
Handmade pendant. Sterling silver, bronze with patina and resin.
Handmade earrings. Sterling silver.
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